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Big Bang

So the past week i’ve managed to spread the love of kpop to a few more people!  Big Bang has also captured my attention, I love thier songs, and there are quite a few hot Korean guys in the group. And thanks to the Big Bang Fansite blog, i’ve managed to obtain thier songs and videos! ;D

Tae Yang (Big Bang) – Look only at me

Chaos: You have the most colorful music
Ny: (=
Chaos: Before you, there was no jpop in my library
Ny: LOL xD

Sploooooshums: haha
Sploooooshums: same here =P
Ny: :D
Sploooooshums: don’t you feel special?
Ny: I like to spread the love O:

A few months ago, my MS guild came across this video on youtube of a guy named Brian dancing. All of us were convinced it was the Brian we knew, but he claimed it was not him. But anyway, the song this guy was dancing to we all liked, but no one knew the name of the song (it was in korean, lol). So last week, I came across THAT VERY SONG! I was so thrilled, cause I had really liked it. So I made sure to IM Brian to let him know I found it :3

Big Bang – Lies

Ny: I found it and I was like “omg it’s that song!” xD
Brian: HAHA.
Brian: I think I’m going to put this video on my myspace profile. :-D
Ny: (:

Brian: ~I’m sorry but I love you lalalala~
Brian: omg, I love this song now.
Brian: lol yeah, I was listening to it all day. x]

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