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Good Luck Good Luck

Good luck, good luck
Good luck in your new bed
Enjoy your nightmares hon’
When your restin’ your head


– Master of mischief has returned
– Nova likes brothels
– Nova finds that brothels are not soups
– I grabbed Tawm’s Pants
– Absolutely nothing avatar from Trewq pwn’s votes
– Apprentice sign-ups begin
– May Baby boom: The birthdays pile up
– Another attempt at the “LPMC” commences
– How much is your soul worth?

So pwnt has been busy, with it’s open invites, Cotw’s and user scores, and now Nova has started the pwnt apprentice. I think open invite day this round mostly brought back those that had forgotten where the site was, while others that attempted to gain access were promptly IP banned O_o
COTW! woo, finally my idea is getting off the groud =P Everyone is busy this week making and submitting thier avatars for the new avatar system. Exciting, I like collecting, so it will be fun to start unlocking the avatars. *pokes shineh nova avatar* And Trewq’s AN avatar = Win XD
Everyone has been working on maxing out (or attempting) thier user scores. I’m currently in 10th *pokes screenie* I need to work on forum, shouts and pageviews. Those are hard to max. D:
I FINALLY got the loser trophy. It’s harder than you would think to get that one xP But with the help of Tawm and Jen who donated a few loser cards to me in the end, I was able to get it (: Thankies.
Nynex’s soul is worth approximately 26320 tokens – I don’t usually sell it, but it’s funny to know how much it’s worth xD

oh yeah. I have Tawm’s pants O:


– Skittars Zakum
– Tespia
– Pranking the guild (:
– Becky + (B)Ryan
– New hair
– What’s the level

Showa is coming in a few days! Dunno why i’m excited, I fear I’m not leveled enough to really train anywhere near it xD

Adrian went on a secret mission to prank the guild. He came on as “Becky” and acted like a n00b. It was so entertaining. (:

I got new hair O: I loves it. Adrian says I should change the eyes, but I like the current ones I have, except the color.
I’ve spent days and days just training, and I’m now Level 65. Finally able to use my evil wings. That was the goal xD now the next goal has to be 70 so I can get 3rd job.

I found the Stork Adrian o: He gave me a ride.

Just hanging out in Mu lung o-o
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