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Wow, I got so behind on this D=

Okay, last month. April had her baby. This is baby Ashtyn. =3

This is the one I got in the mail, but I pulled another cute one off her myspace. It’s huge, so I had to link it xD

Ethan also had his 4th birthday last month. He was actually sick then, but he did have a small piratey themed party. I wasn’t there D: but I got a few pics in my email.
I had recently discovered some of my cousins that I hadn’t seen in years on myspace. Years ago, two of my cousins (related by marriage) stayed with us for a few months before they moved to Indonesia. Jewel had made quite an impact on me during that time. She was this amazingly sweet kid who had been through some of the strangest things I had ever heard of. I really didn’t know much about her prior to her staying with us. But she told me stories about herself. Her dad is russian and she has some older siblings (which i’ve never met), I’m not sure if she ever said where she was born, but I know they had been living in New Zealand prior to coming ot the US. They stayed here for a few years before moving to Jakarta. And that was the last I had seen or talked to her. But I knew that she had moved back to the states and was in California, so I looked her up. I found her, and her younger sister, then I found her two older sisters and her older brother. The youngest girl didn’t have one, but I didn’t expect her too, but then I came across her mothers, and Jasmine was on that one. She looks so grown up now, she was just a baby when they had left.
It was cool seeing them all, Jewel had changed sooo much. I was surprised.

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