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My Goodies

I’m starting to keep record of level up’s. So both me and snoop recorded our level 50’s. (correction, I recorded both, cause snoop saw the black screen of death when he attempted to do it himself. lawl, 15 minutes later, we resumed. F3). Working on completing the warrior chair requirement quests. It’s gonna be so smexy!

and thus…

*smacks Brian*
It’s odd to see “Skittars for GPQ” o_O

Lots of new NX, ya notice? o= The shirt is the cutest! It makes pretty flowers when I walk. =3
I/L Mage 5x

Tahe posted a heart in the BBS! *must use*

Okay, I wanted to show ring effects this time. I actually remembered to get some.


I spy Angela! o=

The place where everyone loses the game.
Not much going on currently. I completely missed Pi day ):
Casacova lives! And declared war! – and then peace was made, and the people rejoiced!
Matchu Pwn’d all! I can’t share the story, (would love too xD ) But he did something so brilliant. Gawd that was funny. Matchu rox =3 *props*

My soul is pwn’d o-o

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