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Running Down the way up

Achievment updates: Currently 60 unlockable skins (til more added) – Total unlocked skins = 60! I have all the current unlockable skins. Yay for rewards day xP
Trophies – i’m up to 22. Most recent are the retired items collector (thank you thank you for that extreamly rare item that I needed!) and the all collections champion.

All collections champion also means that I competed all the current collections. Yatta! – but now I need things to collect, lawl. I told Wayne to get busy making more skins!

I also made EM recently (= Fun little bonus.
I’m sad that I can no longer poke myself xP Snoopie said we’d trade off on pokes now. I increased his poke goal to an insane amount (100,000,000,000.001) Good luck on that one xD

Twice a groomsman, never a groom

There were a few skittles weddings recently (=
Lets see, here is Zach looking creepy, snoop, me and Luke. We are at the top of the wedding cake at the picture area. The area that no one stands still long enough to get good shots of them xP What I need now is a good image of the moonstone wedding ring effect.

Zach’s wedding

I spy a Tahe o=

Current Level: 44
more laterz!
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