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it’s time for …THE TALK! Dun dun dun

CAUTION: The following is brought to you by the randomness of AIM. Starring Adrian and Nynex.  Sponsored by Barbie D:

Adrian: So Nynex.
Adrian: ;D
Nynex: yus
Adrian: How about we have that one-on-one talk about the birds and the bees?
Adrian: ^.^
Nynex: hmm alright
Nynex: but if you pull out the barbies, i’m leaving D:
Adrian: D:
Adrian: Okay.
Adrian: Now explain the birds and the bees.
Nynex: o.o’
Adrian: All I know is that the birds live in nests.
Adrian: :o
Adrian: And that bees live in beehives.
Adrian: What else?
Nynex: mhmm
Nynex: the birds chirp o:
Nynex: and the bee’s buzz :D
Adrian: :O
Nynex: the birds get up real early in the morning
Nynex: and they eat worms o-O
Nynex: and the bees like flowers and make
honey :o

Nynex: the birds like to crap on your brand new car
Nynex: and the bee’s will stab you with thier stinger if you get too close D:
Nynex: so always use protection!
Nynex: the end :D
Adrian: o.o;
Nynex: car cover :o
Nynex: and bug spray :D
Nynex: you silly goose o:
Adrian: Looks like I’ll be doing the talk with our adopted children. ^.^
Nynex: o=

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