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We decided to rent some movies the other night.

Movie ONE: Blood Diamond

– Great film about the conflict diamonds in Africa. Movie was all hollywood drama, but it reminds you of the current conflicts in Kenya. And even musical artists are dedicating thier videos to make people more aware of what is happening in Africa, like Fall Out Boy’s I’m like a lawyer (Me and You), I think there was another artist that did one, but I just can’t remember who.

Movie TWO: Stardust

– This was actually better than I anticipated. There was nearly no hype for this movie when it hit theatres, and I heard next to nothing on reviews for it, so I wasn’t expecting much. I thought it would be cute, and maybe a little corny, but actually it wasn’t. It was a great fantasy story, and had some funny parts in it, good solid plot and great acting. I loved it.

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