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Got me 10 feet off the ground

I was teasing Snoopie about being able to get near the balrogs and yeti’s xD They are really quite friendly o=

o: a cute fuzzy wuzzie

Okay, yeah. I was just in the zoo, and they were quite harmless. But it was fun to take the screenies. Thought the balrog pose was hilarious.
Here we wre meeting up in the FM for one of Adrian’s elimination rounds. Which never happened that day. But he decided to shoot some scenes for another video.

It was really just a goof off day, since I didn’t get much training in that day at all xD

One of those was right after we were shooting scenes for a video. I’m still wondering if he’s going to use that one line I threw in there while ad-libbing xP

Thats a wrap!

I had a newbie follow me around the island yesterday. Snoopie tried to scare him away, but he was in Ludi, so that didn’t help xD We traveled clear around the island. He would get lost, and I would poke snails til he caught up o: Then I CC’d and stopped to have a chat with Zach and he disappeared o= *poof*



I’m at 54 skins unlocked now (= I just got 2 more today. The full of space skin is lovely, i’m using it now. This skin, Full of Space, is brought to you by Astroboy. Wait! I don’t know who astroboy is, eek, well much thankies to you for the skin o:  I’m close to EM, only 5 ratings to go. And I got the Terry Album of DOOM Completer trophy ;D
I feel so poor now, time to make some T!


To discourage someone is easy. But it takes a bigger person to encourage another.
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