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Come On Down To The Creeps

WEEEE! Okay, where to start.
Got a few more trophies added. The super pack rat upgrade, the Super Lucky at Wishing Well, and the Slots Machine (finally). I have unlocked 9 more skins, total 50. I owe some credit to Matchu for finding them xP The one I really need to work on now is the Sensei skin. (will need assistance with that).

Started A semi-album guide to help myself and others keep track of what items go in what collections. I’ve got quite a few done, and some that I am SO CLOSE to finishing, if only those items weren’t so darn rare. ;-;

And MUCHO THANKIES for all the stocking gifties! :3

My I/L character is now LVL39! I was a doof, and didn’t get a current image of it. And the server is down for maintenance. Ah well. I wanted to fraps some of it just for my own amusement. It was cool being in the videos that are already up, but I want to make some for me to keep record of. Like when I make 70 ;D
Here is one a few weeks old, during the holiday fun.

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