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Taste The Rainbow!

Mood: Bouncy
Music: So Deep (Perfect Sphere Remix) – Silvertear

I’m In! ;D

Well, I started out as a pet (teehee), but the level restriction was removed today (yay Brian!). I’d be on now leveling, but I have to wait for the patch ;-;
ZOMGGGG! They are all like major pros though. It’s amazing (= I wanted to go along for the crogging adventure, but I knew I’d be dead in 2 seconds. But even to watch (while dead) would be cool. Just being in the party while hunting was so fun.
And and and! lawl, Brian didn’t even know how to get up the rope before I learned how xD He’s level 102 (amazing).
SNOOPIE! got in too ;D
Now I need to get myself in the KPQ. I’m so close to second job advancement. ;o … speaking of which, I REALLY need to decide what i’m going to be.

Totally got called “A fairy of the slimes” LOL
And Adrian and I being twinish in the pig beach.
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