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A Fathomist Blue – For Blue, There are NO Boundries

Mood: Giddy
Music: Hooverphonic – Battersea

The past week has been reallly busy due to Sheila being out with an illness. Sam, Melinda and baby Leia were here for a visit. OMG, Leia looks so much like Sam! She is so cute. They are back in Hawaii now, but he will be leaving for Iraq again soon.

I never got a chance to update on the party. Dx
It went awesome! Everything went according to plan, the setup was great, everything looked beautiful and so many people just loved it =D
Unfortunately I won’t make it to the next event. But keeping up with the budget for that has been hectic.


I am level 4 now! (just got it today) 17 skins unlocked, and working on more. Managed to obtain a few profile trophies this week. Woo!

Also, Amanda is awesome for giving me some items to start off with :3 *hugs* So the boi and I took a walk through the towns today to collect bugs, and I picked up trash (cause I hate litter).

I took the opportunity while he was away to squirt him with my water gun =3

….and ewwww =x

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