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Party Prep.

September 30, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

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An update on This post.

Ah! The party preparations are coming along nicely.

The color theme is fall. So it has been fun to go to all the stores to pick out the decorations :3 (omg, there is so much cute stuff out right now)

For the table center pieces, we picked out maroon/burgundy colored cloth napkins. They will be laid out flat for the base. The center will have fresh flowers (but we will pick them up later). We have the fall leaves garland already picked out and we are still working on the candy bags. The two colors for the bags are a sage green and a golden yellow to go with the fall colors. Inside, one of each color of the hershey kisses (The fall colors for hershey are silver, orange and red). Then they are tied off and a tag about the anniversary is added to the strings. It all looks so fabulous already (= We have only filled 120 of the bags with the 5 pounds of candy that we had, estimated 10 more pounds will be enough to finish the amount we need.

Good news! Now all of the food is going to be catered! How awesome is that? That means we don’t have to come in for a few days before the party to mass prepare the food. So decorations have been the main focus O:

More good news! Sam will be flying in from Iraq on Friday! ^_^

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