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*cuts strings*

September 20, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Mood: Dissapointed
Music: UVERworld – Just Melody

I am not a puppet. Not some toy that people can manipulate to thier desires. I can’t be twisted around that way just because you will it.

ugg, i’ve come to despise puppeteers.
I felt sick to my stomach the other day. Wasn’t long ago someone made me feel dirty about a friendship I had with someone. Someone I had gone to for advice and also someone I joked around with often. I was basically told that I shouldn’t be close to this person. Then not long after, they decide to become best buds with my friend, and act rather risque with thier behaviour with that person. So which is it? Was my friendship with them bad cause it was ME, or did they just want me to be more distant with that person so they could interfere?

I’m cutting my strings. I’m tired of being pulled around this way.

Don’t tell me who I can be friends with. Friends are special people that become part of you. You can’t MAKE them yours. They are just there, no matter what, because they share something with you, and want to be there with you.

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