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Who Framed Brian?!?

Lucidity Binx: RAWR!
ebil neon: D=
ebil neon
Lucidity Binx
ebil neon: Noooo. ;~;
Lucidity Binx
: *eats*
ebil neon: Oh dear. ;-;
Lucidity Binx
: mmm, this cheetoo is good
Lucidity Binx: :D
ebil neon: Poor cheeto. D:
ebil neon
: It was so nice and orange…. ;-;
Lucidity Binx
: not anymore o:
ebil neon: Now it’s all over your fingers! D:
Lucidity Binx
: *gasp*
Lucidity Binx: D: oh no
ebil neon: EVIDENCE.
Lucidity Binx
: GAH! meh keyboard!
ebil neon: Now you’re going to be charged with murder of snack food.
Lucidity Binx
: D:
ebil neon: And befouling a private keyboard. :D
Lucidity Binx
: ;-; i’m a felon
ebil neon: Oh well. ^^ Don’t do the time if you can’t pay the crime…oh wait..maybe I got that a little mixed up. ^^; Oh well, it’s so overused it doesn’t matter. :D
Lucidity Binx
: o:
Lucidity Binx: *munches another cheetoooo*
ebil neon: D:
ebil neon
ebil neon
: Those poor cheetos. ;-;
ebil neon
: . . .
ebil neon
: *grabs cheeto bag* D:
Lucidity Binx
: D: noooo
ebil neon: You’ve influenced me. Dx
ebil neon
: *eats cheetos* ;-; They’re so good
Lucidity Binx
: yay for peer preasure
Lucidity Binx: tell that to the judge o:
ebil neon: Shh.
ebil neon
: We’re keeping this under wraps.
Lucidity Binx
: hokai, if you don’t tell I don’t tell
Lucidity Binx: *frames Brian*
ebil neon: mmkay. :D
ebil neon
: D=
ebil neon
: HEY.
Lucidity Binx
: o: what
ebil neon: I don’t look good in oak frames.
Lucidity Binx
: D:
ebil neon: Make it mahogany. :D
Lucidity Binx
: okay
ebil neon: Yaay. ^^

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