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Truth or Dare

Adrian: Wanna play truth or dare? ;DDD
Nynex: truth
Adrian: OKAY.
Adrian: ;D
Adrian: Do you promise to do ‘dare’ next turn? ;DD
Nynex: yes
Nynex: that was easy
Adrian: ;DD
Adrian: My turn.
Nynex: truth or dare
Adrian: DARE.
Adrian: ;DDDD
Adrian: I’m up for anything WILD.
Adrian: :D
Nynex: drink more minute maid light orange tangerine juice
Adrian: Okay.
Adrian: ;D
Adrian: BRB.
Adrian: back.
Adrian: ;DDD
Nynex: o:
Adrian: MMHM.
Adrian: dare or dare. ;DD
Nynex: dare
Adrian: I dare you to adopt one child and make Axel the father. ;DD
Nynex: haha, I have to show you the whole convo xDD
Adrian: o:
Adrian: feel free toooo.
Nynex: there is a boy named bernard, he wants you to be his father. o:
Nynex: adopt or reject?
Axel: ._. It depends
Axel: How old is Bernard?
Axel: Where is Bernard?
Axel: Why does Bernard want me to be his father?
Axel: Where did Bernard live previous to this?
Axel: What happened to his parents?
Nynex: D:
Axel: and/or legal guardians
Nynex: he’s just a little boy that needs love O:
Axel: That didn’t answer my questions
Axel: How do I know that he didn’t kill his parents and then ask me to be his new father so I could be his next victim :o?
Nynex: no other guardians, he’s alone in the world. o:
Axel: Why are you asking me :-(
Nynex: xD i’m gonna lose this dare xD
Axel: Accept :D
Nynex: o: yay
Adrian: hahahaha.
Adrian: ahahaha.
Nynex: xD
Adrian: haahaha.

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