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When a man and a woman love each other very much….

So yeah, we were having a conversation about how when guys want to talk about guy things, they should make sure the ladies are not around. Cause that didn’t happen for me D:

Adrian: I’m going to say some sex stuff to make you uncomfortable.

Adrian: :D

Nynex: .____.

Adrian: When a man and woman love each other very much..

Adrian: they go out! :-D

Nynex: xP

Adrian: And when they go out.. they get a really strange feeling. ;-)

Adrian: Their stomachs grumble!

Adrian: So they go out for dinner.

Nynex: xD

Adrian: And then the man does something the woman will never feel in her life ever again.

Adrian: A marriage proposal! :DD

Nynex: XDDD

Adrian: And then the woman says yes to his offer. ;-)

Adrian: And they go to a church and get married!

Adrian: And then. You know. The honeymoon. ;-) They get that outrageous feeling for some action.

Nynex: D:

Adrian: Yeah.

Adrian: They eat again!

Nynex: so they watch WWF?

Adrian: Worldwide Feeding if that’s what you mean by WWF. Cause they go to a.. you guessed it.. a Chinese resturant.

Nynex: XD

Adrian: And then.. they now have that urge for something that’s so sweet.. it hurts. ;-)

Adrian: The man brought the lady chocolates! Desert! And it hurts since the chocolate goes right to the lady’s thighs.

Nynex: Dx

Adrian: And now.. it’s time for some action. ;-) ;-) ;-)

Adrian: They decide to watch Kill Bill: Vol. 1 starring Uma Thurman as.. THE BRIDE.

Nynex: ;D

Adrian: But they watch it in their hotel room!

Adrian: And you know what happens in a hotel room between two people looking for some action.. ;-)

Adrian: They pop some popcorn for the action movie. DUH.

Nynex: :P

Adrian: Then.. they get on the bed.. and get ready for some action. It’s the dirty part. ;-)

Adrian: The lady forgot to take a shower! D:

Nynex: D:

Adrian: So she showers.

Adrian: And then.. you know.

Adrian: She and the guy gets in the bed.

Adrian: …

Adrian: And sleep.

Adrian: The end. Good night everyone. :D

Nynex: :D

Adrian: Thanks for reading Ny’s blog.

Adrian: We know you love our little 1-on-1s. ;D

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