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Evolutions End

Written by Adrian. Unfinished words. ):

The Evolution of Nynex

Nynex was born in NeoLodge of October 2005 where she was raised to become a moderator that she is. She currently hides in the suberbs of the Staff Chat where she has been kept. Doug nourished her with food which are delicacies to Nynex such as deleting posts, editing posts, and giving warnings. She’s quiet, unusual, and interesting. She makes a great animal to observe at the zoo and has a hamster named Booteh. They’re friends.

They’re just not close.

She has many close friends on NeoLodge. She has Kev the Great, Will the Sexy, Forte the Hunk, Ryan the Hotness, Axel the Handsome, Georgie the Young,

But what does Nynex really mean?

Nynex, like the picture above, is.. on a phone sign. She works for a telephone company.

I’ll never know how it ends…. ):

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