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I had another blog post that I wanted to put up, but at the time, the blogs bandwidth was exceeded. Erf.
So, this one fills it’s place for now.

Adrian: This is a hold up. D:
Nynex: aaah, I dun wanna die D:
Adrian: then give me all of yer’ booty.
Adrian: :D

Nynex: D: but…
Adrian: give it! :D
Nynex: *shakes booty*
Adrian: … D:
Adrian: booty as in money. :-(

Nynex: x_x
Adrian: er. um.
Adrian: o_o

Nynex: it’s in my back pocket
Adrian: get it. :x
Nynex: *pulls out cash*
Adrian: :-)
Adrian: yay!
Adrian: -grabs it-

Nynex: o:
Adrian: SURPRISE. :O
Adrian: I’m taking you out to dinner tonight.
Adrian: I’m paying. :D

Nynex: o:
Nynex: how … sweet

Adrian: I KNOW. :o
Adrian: where do you want to go? :D

Nynex: o:
Nynex: Pizza hut

Adrian: D:
Adrian: OMG.
Adrian: NO.
Adrian: Nice restaurant.
Adrian: D:

Nynex: o:
Nynex: a FIVE STAR restaurant

Adrian: :D

Nynex: o;

In other news, being the top battler is boring D: no one wants to hit me. ;-;
Hit me People! o:

Gertrude says I need my blogging bananas again.

Say Hi Gertie!

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  1. September 1, 2007 at 8:01 am


  2. September 1, 2007 at 8:01 am

    Dr. Bubbles:
    Woah. that was funny. I kinda imagined you (even if I’ve never seen you) shaking your booty. I’ll have nightmares tonight =O

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