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We Be Pirates o=

Mood: Cheerful
Music: The Rasmus – In the Shadows

Yup, it’s time for another random crazy chat conversation. Yes, late night chats get kinda loopy, but they sure are fun. ^^

So this is our wayward tale of a night we decided to go sailing.

Axel: Eww my eye is like… twitching non-stop D:

Nynex: o.o
Axel: How do I make it stop!?
Axel: Omg…
Axel: I looked it up
Axel: From “fatigue, stress, or caffeine”

Nynex: yeah, that’s true
Axel: Haha… well I’ve had plenty of all of those lately =P
Axel: …I’m so weird
Axel: I taped it down so it stops :-)

Nynex: X_x
Axel: I probably look so stupid right now… but no one can see me so :-)
Nynex: now you only can see out of one eye D:
Axel: I’m a pirate!
Axel: Arr matey!

Nynex: XD
Nynex: Captain Axel

Axel: Shipwreck Axel :o
Nynex: o:
Nynex: ol’ one eye Axel

Axel: “Har! Avast! Thar be Shipwreck Axel! He luvs pretty ol’ boats, too bad he destroys them all. He needs to learn how to dock them…”
Nynex: XDD
Axel: …haha I suck at speaking pirate =P
Nynex: that was good
Axel: Then half-way through I switched back xD
Nynex: XD
Axel: Ar! Scurvy sea dogs! Who placed that rock there!?
Axel: First mate! Man the dents!

Nynex: dents?
Axel: Yes :o
Axel: I hit the rock that someone misplaced :-(

Nynex: oh XD
Axel: Argh! What be that up ahead? *crashes into it*
Axel: …that was the lighthouse Cap’n Axel
Axel: Argh…
Axel: Come be a pirate with me :o

Nynex: o: scurvy sea dog
Axel: We’re going to go shoot cannons at ugly boats :o
Nynex: down wit ye ugly boats!
Axel: Argh! Thar be a boat that don’t belong to me! BLAST IT

Nynex: no ye landluber, we be sea dogs
Axel: Hmm… then it must be a mirage
Nynex: XD
Axel: *floors it*

Nynex: hard to starboard
Axel: :o
Axel: Uh…
Axel: soft to sunboard :D

Nynex: XD
Axel: Man the portholes!
Axel: The poopdeck is ajar :o

Nynex: Man the sails, swab the decks!
Nynex: Mate overboard

Axel: OMG WERE :o?
Axel: Nooooo
Axel: One-Eyed Edward!K

Nynex: D:
Nynex: be a young lad

Axel: At least it wasn’t No-Armed Norman… he’d be a sinker D:
Nynex: XD
Axel: I’ll through the life raft to him!
Axel: Oh oops… that was the anchor

Nynex: XD
Axel: Well… it was nice knowing him :-(
Nynex: aww, lost at sea
Axel: Hit by an anchor D:
Nynex: down to davey jones locker
Axel: The fish face people :o
Nynex: o:
Axel: From the movie :D
Axel: Now about that lan… *crashes*
Axel: Ar… we’re marooned!
Axel: Eww wait no
Axel: We’re… bluerooned :D
Axel: Blue is better :o

Nynex: XD I guess
Axel: It’s… a sea monster :o

Nynex: D:
Nynex: ready the cannons

Axel: Cannons ready!

Nynex: *Boom*
Axel: Oh wait that’s not a sea monster…
Axel: That’s our secondary boat D:
Axel: Darn…

Nynex: D:
Axel: Now we need the inflatable boat!
Nynex: Bad news cap’n. We sprung a leak!
Nynex: XD
Nynex: There is no plumbing aboard this vessel D:

Axel: :o
Axel: …Eww D:

Nynex: XD
Axel: Then… we need a better boat with plumbing :o
Nynex: o:
Axel: But we need a treasure map to find the better boat D:
Nynex: o:
Axel: Arr! What do ye know! Thar be a treasure map!
Nynex: I can’t read D:
Axel: Arr… neither can I D:

Nynex: arrg!
Axel: I bet me monkie can though!
Axel: First mate Nynex, go get yer pet monkie!
Axel: Or a n00b slave :o

Music dedicated to Forte – cause he recommended it.

– Axel, you rock! ^^

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  1. September 1, 2007 at 7:58 am

    Yes! We’re definately the coolest pirates in all of… Nynexia :o!

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