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Fun times in the shoutbox. =P

Nynex: *pokes Sami* Lets go to Candy mountain :D
Sami: No way…I don’t trust singing letters.
Nynex: oh come on Saaaamiiii, you know you want to go to caaaaandy mountian ;P
Sami: I like my kidney where it is, thank you very much.
Nynex: ah darn, have to do it the messy way. *takes Sami’s Kidney* XD
Missy: *takes Nynex’s kidney* (poofs)
Sami: She’s off to candy mountain with those :o
Nynex: :o Kidney thief!!
Ryan: o.o
Nynex: Save yourself Ryan! Here, hide in this cave. …
Sami: Don’t do it Ryan! Don’t trust the kidney stealers :o
Missy: (kidnaps Ryan)
Ryan: *Doesnt know who to trust. Digs a burrow and hides in it instead  *
Missy: *puts dirt on top of the burrow that Ryan is in*
Sami: You should’ve trusted me Ryyyyan :o

If you haven’t seen this video of Charlie and the Unicorn, I suggest you do. :)

i15.photobucket.com/albums/a361/nynex4/moods/hot_sp.gif” />Sweatingbloodyhott

Music: Namie Amuro – Want Me, Want Me

It’s so dang HOOTTTT!!!

Why is it that an air conditioner knows when the hottest days of the year are going to be, and it decides to break? Okay, I am spoiled by the modern conveniences of life. But it has been a squelching 113 degrees F. I’m melting here. X_x; (yeah, record high’s for the year).
I don’t know about you, but I’m sure not going to be cooking any meals for awhile. Just being in the kitchen makes me feel like melting into a puddle. So we have been making use of the many restaurants in the area. The car has been like a second home as well. It has the best cooling system around.
So, we have the heating and air conditioning guys come out to take a look at the problem. We unfortunately need a whole new unite. But it will most likely be another few weeks before they can come out to install it. *dies* It won’t even be cooling off any for another few days. At least I’m not going to be here the entire few weeks.
To beat the heat, I’ve made sure to be drinking tons and TONS of water. I get ice in the cup, and it has melted a few minutes later. I keep damp clothes near and draped on me. Just sitting in front of every fan we own, no extra activities that are not priority are getting done right now.
So all of you that are enjoying a mild weather summer, or are enjoying their central air conditioning, I ENVY YOU!
Well, lets just hope I manage the next few days, and that I don’t evaporate away.

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