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All about Ethan

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I am excited because I got a really cool, awesome package in the mail. Really, I did. It was one of those bubble-lined envelopes, postage paid 0.87. I ripped it right open, to see the contents. Inside was a CD case with two, count it, 2 CD’s inside. This is actually really good news you see, because on those Two discs are pictures of my baby nephew. ^_^

To keep everyone updated, my sister sends out discs of pictures and mini-movies of her family. Since I live in California and they live in Alabama, I need lots of updates. They used to live here near Monterey when her husband, who is in the Army, was stationed there. But now he is stationed at Ft. Rucker in Alabama.

My nephew Ethan, is 2 years old, and super adorable. Whenever I talk to him on the phone, he calls me nanny e.e I can sometimes get him to say auntie, but he pretty much calls everyone over the phone nanny, not just me. He absolutely loves cars, and trains. He calls them da-doos.

My sister has told me that Ethan has ‘officially’ become 2 now. He actually had his birthday last month, so I was a little confused. She said he has reached the ‘terrible twos’. Oh Noes! He threw an hour-long tantrum because she didn’t put on a movie that he wanted to watch. She said that he has had a few more tantrums since then, but they were not as bad as the first. So he may already be picking up on the fact that he is getting nowhere with that behavior.

XD aww, the poor kid. :P

I haven’t seen them since last August. But I just heard the other day, that they will be out this way in July, So I will be able to see them then. ^_^

So anyway, here are some pictures.

Driving Da Bus

He has a ‘play’ video game controler that he uses when his daddy is playing video games

Video Games PWN

Future Gamer

What can I say, the kid loves stickers

Sticker Collection

He got a new bed for his birthday

OMG a Thomas the Train Bed

Just being cute as always

Put on a movie?

He loves his Grover. He carries him around the house by putting Grover’s nose in his mouth.

*Heart* Grover

Well, I hope you all enjoy.

Ashley: Here is a Banana, Banana just for you. Tech: Aww, you remembered our anniversary. How sweet.

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  1. Quinn
    March 15, 2006 at 9:16 pm

    Aww, hes adorable! ^^

  2. Kiwi
    March 18, 2006 at 3:47 am

    Aw, cute. He reminds me of a little boy I watch sometimes. Couldn’t be him, though, because I don’t live in Alabama.

    My youngest brother just turned three. He’s just started to be obnoxious, though. I’d say it’s more like the terrible three’s in our family. :P

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